How To Play a Melbourne Cup Sweep


Here’s a quick post on FAQ on Melbourne Cup Sweep

  1. So what is Melbourne Cup Sweep?

    • It’s a lottery where the entrants are given or assigned a horse running in the Melbourne Cup. The prize is determined by the horse’s placing at the end of the race.
  2. How much can be won?

    • The prize is determined by the money pooled from the entrants. There are no limits to how much the entry fee is, but in general a ticket costs as low as $1-5/entry. The money pooled from entrants will be the one used as the prize to be distributed among the entrants. It can go beyond $5,000.

    • There are no “rules” on how to determine the winners. Generally, prizes are allotted to the horses from first to third places, but sometimes there is a prize allotted even to the last placer. The higher the horse’s place at the finish, the bigger the prize. Prize allotment can be varied, what’s important is that the entrants should be made aware of the “rules” set for the prizes.
  4. where can the cup sweep be conducted?

    • Melbourne Cup Sweep can be done or conducted literally anywhere. It can be in the workplace or premises that are licensed to do so. What is important is that the one who organises the sweep cannot retain any money after the sweep. All the money pooled from the entrants shall be returned as prizes.